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* We are a open community aiming at one goal together, and that is to provide the JDS Linux community the best and most complete environment as possible, enforcing what we believe is the future of the personal computers or business desktop systems. We are here to provide a venue where knowledgable Linux community members could share their knowledge with others, provide community-level support and high-quality RPMs for the JDS Java Desktop. Our goal is to facilitate rapid and need for third party applications and games. We are building a on-line resources repository to provide general base in applications required for our day to day needs.
Sun's Java™ Desktop System (JDS), is a complete distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, and it first became available in December 2003. While other distributors focused on Linux in the server space, Sun brought out the first true competitor Microsoft Window's desktop environment. JDS enjoyed a miraculous reception in the market. Within the first three weeks of its release, JDS became profitable and recouped all its Research & Development costs proving a pent-up demand existed for an alternative desktop to those offered in the market. We are here to fill the need Sun may not have expected would exist. Today many Linux and Windows power users has adopted JDS in record numbers.

* Our community believes that a personal computer is important to everyone for a number of reasons even those that uses a PC for gaming and entertainment needs. So gcclinux is providing a amazing collection of applications and games available to download from our site that have been packed in rpm format specific to the Java Desktop System (JDS) as gcclinux believes that JDS is the first desktop to compete with Microsoft Windows in 15 years and there for we support JDS as a personal computer desktop by 100 percent.

* Gcclinux is also supporting and helping to promote and the new lg3d code named Project Looking Glass by Sun Microsystems. Using Java technology developers at Sun is bringing to you the 3D windowing capabilities desktop. This is moving beyond the boundaries of the old 2D environments to revolutionize the use of the desktop environment. And there for we have our own LG3D support community with tools, scripts, information and updates, to help bringing this revolutionised desktop to everys computer.

Now to resume our main aims at this point we have split it into four separate points:

1. Creating a large collection of open source applications and games in rpm format for JDS Linux
2. Providing a community of Linux gamers to enhance our knowledge to what is vailable on Linux and to support those that need.
3. We are welcoming all enthusiastic members that are participating and helping at our communities.
4. Encreasing the popularity of GCCLinux, JDS Linux, LG3D, Linux and Sun Microsystem's commitment to the open source community.

Automatic Application Installer

We are also developing a automatic Application installer called GccInstaller, a much better product than you have probably seen mentioned before. It is currently under development phase so we appreciate your passions and understanding But if you wish to find out more about it, please visit our main GccInstall page as soon as it applications is in a usable state we will announce it.

Gamers Community

We are aiming to create a large Open Source applications and game community for Jds Linux. We pick every single application or game that you can download directly from our site or it is linked to the official site. All applications or games that are available for download are either freeware, shareware, open source or covered by the GNU-GPL license. Applications and games available on this site although aimed at JDS Linux Systems may work on Suse Linux too.

Our JDS & LG3D Support Community

Sun Microsystems' latest innovations by its Advanced Software Technology Team will make these "what-ifs" a reality for the desktop of the near future. Code named Project Looking Glass™, these Java technology-based developments will bring 3D windowing capabilities to the desktop to offer a far richer user experience for work and play. But, it's not only about looks, it's about creating an engaging user experience, one that can make communications and collaboration even easier. We are moving beyond the boundaries of old environments to revolutionize the use of the desktop. And there for gcclinux is providing a unofficial Linux & LG3D Support Forum with tools, scripts, and lots of.

Sun's Commitment to Open Source View the product

Sun has commited it self to the open source community by providing the Java Desktop System which delivers the best of open source software with the technical innovation of Sun to offer an affordable, comprehensive, fully integrated desktop client environment with administration and developer tools and an enterprise-ready support offering that lowers business costs, reduces complexities of desktop management, and provides a secure computing environment..